The Benefits of Self-Value

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Connor created the topic: The Benefits of Self-Value

WARNING: There is a lot of language in the video below. Many F-bombs. I have provided a summery of major points below in case you don't want to deal with that. But, his delivery is great.
Additionally, this is not only about romantic relationships, this is really about any kind of relationship you have with anybody from acquaintances to your life partner.

Some of the major points:
1. You will attract people who will (maybe) treat you slightly better than you treat yourself.
2. So, treat yourself with the upmost kindness and priority and others will too.
3. It does not work to put yourself down and become a doormat. In fact, if you raise yourself up, you will naturally become of better use to those around you.
*4. This law doesn't work if you ONLY think of yourself. Part of raising yourself up is realizing what your Nature/Arete/Virtue is.
5. People who do not value you will also not use you when you have elevated yourself.
6. The relationship with yourself (the good one) is always available.
7. Once you have had self-fulfillment, you will only attract those who will be the icing on the cake.
8. You are already amazing. No need to worry about self-improvement. That will come naturally with self-value.

*this is my own point. As Jedi, it's probably best to mention this even though I think the guy in the video implies it.

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