As 2015 Ends...

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Kol Drake created the topic: As 2015 Ends...

End of year soapbox moment --

Holidays can be stress filled times.
The weather, crowds, rooms filled with relatives and more. You have been at this 'Jedi thing' for a while now and have a firm grasp of the basics and beyond. Don't freak when you 'freak' -- look at how you handle things now rather than just be down because you are not taking it all as serenely as a Buddha statue. Yes, you are being bombarded. Yes, the weather is a pain in the .... And yes, the mask of total zen-hood may be showing some cracks but, you have gone beyond being someone wearing 'the mask' / playing the part and hoping you won't get caught cheating. Instead, you are mindful of those stressful moment. You understand the cause of most of those stressors and take time to stop and breathe. You may still be stressed but it is a measured stress. A mindful stress. A manageable stress.

2015 is ending.
2016 is a 'new beginning'.

Tonight is a chance to 'look back' and see how far you have come.
How many obstacles you have run into and yet surmounted.
Consider how much you have grown as an individual and a Jedi.

It is all good.
Be well and may the Force be with you always in this coming year.
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Atticus replied the topic: As 2015 Ends...

This is something I needed to hear today. What a wonderful, inspiring message.

Thank you for this, my friend, and the happiest of new years to you. :)

"Right speech is about establishing productive and honest communication that is beneficial to both the speaker and the hearer. . . . Right speech requires the use of truthful, loving words intended to inspire self-confidence, joy, and hope in others." -- The Dharma of Star Wars
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