December Newsletter Discussion

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Streen created the topic: December Newsletter Discussion

I mostly just wanted to talk about Phoenix's message in the newsletter here, which I'll explain.

I too attended college for an Associates's degree, but in graphic design. It essentially got me nowhere. I enjoyed the classes, and I did well, but I have yet to get a steady job from that degree for over 10 years. I've made more money just selling paintings, which I knew how to do well before I started college. But that's all beside the point.

The world is changing. People are waking up, seeing how ultimately pointless it is just to graduate high school, then college, then get a job, just to survive. What kind of survival is that if you find no meaning in it? True, some people are fortunate to follow a career that they would gladly do for free, but they are not many. The only job I've found meaning in is training Jedi, and I do that for free, happily.

My point is simply to share in Phoenix's frustration. A great many problems are growing in this world and I sense that we as Jedi are going to be called to fulfill a need. What that need is depends on the individual.

I'm interested to hear what drives the rest of you.

"When you’re deluded, every statement is an ulcer; when you’re enlightened, every word is wisdom."
— Zhiqu
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Jax replied the topic: December Newsletter Discussion

If people use tools to gain awareness it is easier to choose what is appropriate for their life. For some, that is college and a 'normal' career. For others that is not. If you aren't meant for the normal, trying to force it only brings suffering. And we all know where suffering leads... ;-) honestly, trying to fit into a reality you aren't meant to fit in is the cause of much suffering and even mental illness in the world. When people with mental differences try to fit into this reality it causes the mental difference to be a mental illness instead of simply a different way of thinking. Many of us are not neuro typical, including you Streen. What I've seen is that when the non-neuro typical find a way to work with their uniqueness instead of trying to be like everyone else their difference becomes a strength. Perhaps I can ping Beral who can talk about how his bipolar isn't a negative in many situations but a positive. My wife has also experienced how her bipolar allows her to process so much more of the world, to observe more, and thus help in ways that others can't because they simply can't process as much. Strength and weakness is all about how you approach things and what you apply them to.

Hopefully that made some sense. Ultimately, when you choose what works for you, life has greater ease. That doesn't mean it's easy, but there is a sense of ease and peace even as things are challenging. I believe David is finally understanding that. lol I say finally because we've had this discussion in many ways over the years. I hope this discussion is of benefit to you Streen, and to others. And feel free to continue it. There's a lot in this area.

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Johannes (Yoshio) replied the topic: December Newsletter Discussion

Many thanks for starting this, Streen!

For me, right now, it is "just" interesting to see how this topic pops up in one form or the other everywhere. I had the same or similar discussion or maybe better said talks with my mother, my wife, my brother and other people as well. The bottom line of all those talks had been in a way that many of us do feel unhappy they way they live and the way our societies are developing but unfortunately only very little of them actually see how they could counter it.
In my opinion this would actually be very easy, although, obviously, it sounds only easy in theory but putting it into practice is whole of a different story, although, then again, if we trust in the Force or whatever one is believing in, it is easy as we only need to start doing what we or at least many of us already feel is needed to be done.

What do I mean with all this very vague saying!?

For example, my mother is constantly complaining about the global trade and how it negatively affects our environment. But she also believes in that she is helpless to change this situation as and that is how she puts it "I'm just a single person, how can I change anything!?" My answer to her had been: "That is exactly what You need to change, yourself, your behaviour. If You keep buying the cheap stuff just because it is cheap and easy to get nothing will change. But as soon as You start to shop more consciously, your single person starts to have an effect on the situation." Now I know that not all of us are in the luck position to buy and be all local and/or green but still, when we are conscious about what we do, I'm confident that we can find the best solution for not only us but for the world as well.

Another example are the talks with my wife and my brother which often deals with work-life-balance. Here I have to admit that I, myself, haven't yet found the "perfect" solution for it but again I also do believe in that when we are conscious about and aware of what we really want, really need and what we are really good at, I feel that following this path will help us all to finally lead a better life which is worthier to be lived not only for us but because of being happier we then also can be a greater contribution to our society and our environment.
Unfortunately many people here do put their hope on the younger generation and that they will change things. Unfortunately the "education" of your children starts already long before they are actually in the position at which they can make decisions. Our children do learn by copy what they see and what they see the most in their early lives are the parents. In my opinion this is why it is so "easy" for the system to keep everyone in the system because parents, although deep in them they would know better, believe in that they need to follow and fit in the system as otherwise they will not be able to support their families.
Once again, if we all start to live more consciously and more aware of what we are actually doing and listening less to and believing less into what media is telling us what we need and what we need to do to be able to live a happy life, I do feel, that we all can only benefit from it. In my opinion it is quite obvious or at least it should be, that there is no one else beside I who can tell me what I really need to live a happy life. Unfortunately our system ask for that young people are making decisions which will have a great influence on their lives at an age where they are hardly able to understand and therefor make this decision(s).
I, myself, had been, maybe, in a similar position as you, Streen and Jedi Phoenix. At the age of around 13 years I needed to make the decision which sort of higher education I'm going to follow or if I would like to do a apprenticeship/traineeship. For me this had been difficult because of the simple fact that I didn't know what I wanted to do and unfortunately my parents couldn't be of big help for me at that point as non of them ever had received any higher education, both of them did a apprenticeship. Luckily I had the full support of my parents and finally I made a not all too bad decision although I'm, looking back, still not where I do see myself.

Long story short and sorry for all the rambling!
What I do feel that our task as Jedi Realist is, is to live a conscious life in which we are fully aware of what we are doing and what we are choosing. In this way we can have influence on our society by living a life which other would experience as being worth not only to be lived but to be followed the example. This still doesn't make it any easier for anyone of us, but I do feel that, by time, in this way we are able to bring the changes we want to see come true into reality.
So for everyone, please keep a critical mind and don't believe blindly in what the media and the system is telling you. Take your lives in your own hands, start listening to what your body, your consciousness is telling you and then act according to your options and possibilities.

Qui-Gon Jinn: "We cannot control our emotions, but we can decide how we go along with them."
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