SPOILER - Force Awakens plot preditions - what do you think?

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Baru created the topic: SPOILER - Force Awakens plot preditions - what do you think?

What do you think is the plot of the new movie?
What twists will JJ put in the movie?

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Baru replied the topic: SPOILER - Force Awakens plot preditions - what do you think?

Here are my SPOILER predictions

The jedi have been gone for over 50 years. They got eradicated by Order 66 and the Jedi Purge led by Darth Vader. (I find it interesting that they keep creating new Sith and Jedi whilst they are trying to make Luke the “last one”)

I bet the Emperor eradicated their existence from the history books, too. So, know one around remembers the Jedi and those who do, recall them as “legends”, myths or “old gods”. They are just stories now that now one believes are true.

So know one knew that Luke existed.

And just because the Emperor was killed does not mean anything was effected by that. The Empire could have simply covered it up and kept on going.

Based on this, why would Troopers have "electrostaves" that can block lightsabers? If Kylo is the only known person with a lightsaber, why would people protect against it?

Why would Finn know how to use the lightsaber? I think that him going after Kylo so soon is quite unrealistic, even if Luke trains him.

If Rey and/or Kylo are Leia's kids, why doesn't Luke train them? If Luke trains anyone, why would Luke train Finn and not Leia's kids.

Also, why did the focus of the movies seem to shift from Finn to Rey?

Who is Finn related to and how is he "force sensitive"? Could Finn by the child of Han and his "new" wife in the comic books?

When does Darth Vader decide to kill off, destroy or stop training “inquisitors”?
When is the last Jedi killed or rounded up? What happens to the characters in SW Rebals – do they all die? Is Disney building us up for a hard fall? Do they want us to get attached to these characters only to have them taken from us? What finally happens to Tano? I find it “odd” that Luke is billed as the “Last Jedi” and force user when there are so many remaining Jedi and new Inquisitors being created in the show SW Rebels.

Knights of Ren -
I bet these guys are "histories" looking into the occult of the past just like present day occultists and archaeologist do. This is also reminiscent of the Nazi. The sought out "powerful" stuff all over the world. This was played out in Indiana Jones movies. What if the Knights are the supernatural occult diversion of the First Order. Jedi and Sith are the stories of legends and we all love a good story.

Based on the images I have seen either look only comes to people in the form of an astral projection or a hologram message. I beat he never shows himself in the movie.


I bet they will run at least 3 to 5 story lines simultaneously. Lucas loves doing that and J.J. did that very well on Lost. He also used "flashbacks" quite well, too. (How much of this movie will feel like the tv show Lost?)

Opening – in traditional SW fashion. (I would be amazed if JJ would dare break this tradition)

I bet the movie begins "30" years ago, with a space battle. I bet they will start the “battle of Jakku” and show how all things get FUBAR.

I bet it shows Luke going off
Leia and Han going off, maybe in different directions.
I bet somewhere in here, Han and Leia have kids and they all get separated. (How do the kids get separated?) (The must have kids 10 years after this battle since they would be around 20ish)(How Ren ends up on Jakku and Kylo is taken into the Empire, I don't know. )(The new Leader could be force sensitive and "found" Kylo or the Knights of Ren work for the Leader and found Kylo. )

I bet they will have a cool CGI of the ship crashing on Jakku. Then they will cut to Rey standing next to it.

Rey -
Jakku - I bet the people on Jakku are the survivors of this great battle.

She is a junker and goes into the destroyer.
I bet she uses either that staff or her "force sensitivity" to find things in the destroyer.
I bet she finds something interesting in there – something that scares or excites her enough to jump on her speeder to get home. I bet she finds the lightsaber in there and seeks out a “junker” to tell her what she found. This is how she finds out about the jedi. . I think the scene in the trailers of the passing lightsaber is part of this interaction.

On the way home, she purchases BB8 – for some reason. Maybe they trade out junk. (This is exactly like SW 4, when Luke's uncle purchases droids.)

Maybe she goes to "max von Sydow's" character for answers.

Maybe she does find the Falcon and she turns on the “beacon” that calls Han.

(I have heard rumors that she is flying the falcon but that would make it easy to fly and that everyone is a “bad ass” pilot. So what is so important about Poe or Han if Rey can do it, too? So anyone can fly the falcon and anyone can use a lightsaber?)

I have a feeling that the ship that she watches coming in is Han's “new” ship. I bet Han is coming to talk with Sydow's character. I have a feeling that Han is on Jakku when the attack happens. (or they go for the cinematographic “ahhhh” when the Falcon swoops in to rescue people that Han does not know?)

During a quite moment, I bet they make a hard cut to Troopers boarding the ship or just standing there on the ship. We watch all the troopers poor out and start rounding people up. And then the Knights of Ren or just Kylo starts killing people.

Finn -
I bet Finn is one of the original troopers that we see in the trailer.
We see Captain Phasma, Kylo, the Knights and the Troopers attack this village. The could all be there to "find something" or to impose the will of Supreme Leader Snoke

Then Kylo starts killing people.
Finn uses the force to save someone and Kylo feels the Force being used and goes crazy looking for this person.
Finn freaks out and hides.

Back on the ship, Finn awakens to this new reality and wants to escape. He takes a tie fighter, shoots up the hanger and leaves. He gets shot down and they follow him to the planet.

Finn finds his way into the new MOS Isly port town.

Cut – I bet there will be a cut before Rey and Finn meet. I guess they will either go to Kylo or to Hux. I bet they will rotate between the Good and the Bad throughout the entire movie.

He meets up with Rey.

Right when they meet, they get attacked by Captain Phasma and other Troopers - Run.

General Hux
Doing his best to manage the troops. Working with Kyle and Snoke. He is the middle man between the zealous Kylo (who I bet freaks him out) and following Snoke's order. I bet General is responsible for managing Kyle.
He is tasked with finding and destroying the Rebels/Alliance. I bet his main job is to find Leia – just like the other General.

I bet we will see him talking to the troops about their new cool weapon – the Starkiller.

(Lucas love regurgitating plot as many times as he can.)

I have a feeling that they will make Hux “likable”. I bet we are meant to like him and notice that there is a “lightside” to him.

Han -
He is either looking for Luke, the Falcon or he is looking for his kids. I heard Han might loss the Falcon in the battle some how.

I bet he is working with General Leia and he is on a mission. For some reason he is drawn to Jakku. (I have heard that Han is captured and help prisoner on various ships for many years only to escape at this important time.)

(Luke - Maybe Luke is busy in his cave watching the world turn through his connection to the Force. I bet he is reluctant to enter into this and is watching from afar. Maybe Luke planted his lightsaber so it could be found by the next generation of jedi. Its his way of finding the next one.)

Cut to Kylo. I bet they will depict his relationship to Snoke and Hux. They might even give exposition on his relationship to the Knights of Ren, “the knights are….”

Kylo is busy getting his new "planet super weapon" to work, whilst torturing people for information and building lightsabers.

He worships Vader and wants to rebuild the Sith through his alliance with the Knights.
He directly or indirectly serves Supreme Leader Snoke - who could be a Force Sensitive, reincarnated Darth Plagues or just a guy that wants Kylo's help.

I bet General Hux is his handler.
I bet the Knights of Ren think that they are better than the First Order and they are simply waiting for the correct moment. They need more power before they move. Or as long as Luke lives, they will never be able to do what they want.

Once Kylo realizes the presence of other force sensitives, he goes looking for them. He feels the force “awaken” in Finn and freaks out. This distracts him from everything else.

Some how Han, Finn and Rey meet up.

Either Rey fixed up the Falcon and takes Han to it, or Han finds his lost daughter. Who know, but they all meet up and get to go on a ride.

I bet this battle on Jakku brings them all together.

They all get forced together by the pursuing Troopers and Captain. They get on the Falcon and RUN!!!

I bet Han talks with them on the falcon whilst they head to Maz Kanata.

They go to her castle on the lake (the lady of the lake) and ask about the Jedi and Luke.

She has special powers with her eyes and predict people's destiny.

I feel that its here that they all get jumped by Captain and Kylo. This is where Han hands Rey the blaster.

They fight and get separated.

Kylo chases after Rey and defeats her. Before he can behead her or take her, Han jumps out and rescues her!! He shoots first.

From here they go to the Rebel/alliance base with Leia.

Here they meet Leia, C2P0 with red arm and Poe.

This is a forested planet.

The talk about everything. They do a lot of exposition to fill people in to what is happening.

There talk is interrupted by an invasion. I feel this is shown by the scenes of tie fighters flying over the trees.

I bet Captain leads Kylo here and they have a battle.

I bet this is where the first cool X-wing fights happen.

I bet Poe jumps into an x-wing to fight Tie fighters. (Poe could be a traitor at this point and lead the Troopers here)

Finn, Rey and Han scatter to help out on the ground.

This is where Finn, Chewie and Han get caught – the scene with their hands over their heads. Then Poe comes in with X-wing to rescue them.

They continue to fight.

I bet Captain shoots down Poe and they capture him.

I bet the Alliance Runs and leaves the base for the Troopers. They relocate. Maybe to Endor, an other base or a ship in space for their attack on the Starkiller.

(If Poe was not captured earlier, he gets captured during this battle)
After the battle, Kylo tortures Poe to get info on the rebel base.

It could be here, that Poe sees images of Kylo blowing up Endor or we flash back to Poe's origins on Endor.
(I figure the red blowing up trees is either Endor or the actual Starkiller base. There is a “green ewok” in the credits so they will show something of Endor in the movie.)

Now how does Poe get free?
1. Rey, Han, and Finn go rescue him like Luke and Han saved Leia? This would be VERY Lucas
2. Poe rescues himself by escaping some how?
3. TWIST – Poe is brainwashed and release? (I have a feeling that JJ will want some twists withing twists in this movie. However, SW does not need plot twists. I feel that story is strong enough on its own. Just let it be a fun action film. Twists slow things down.)
(This could be why Finn looks at hims so weirdly. Its not like friends. It is more like “surprise” - How did you get here? I bet this is one of the JJ twists that he loves)

How cool would it be if Leia trains Finn!!!
Or, Luke could be projecting himself to Finn and training him virtually. Luke is attracted to the lightsaber and can channel through it.

I bet the movie will slow down at some point. I bet everyone will start strategizing how what or how they will do their next thing. I bet this will be a tense moment of self dought and questioning.

This is the usual “down time” or the “eye of the storm” Montague that happens in most long movies.

If there are no other battles, I bet this is when they go after the Starkiller base (reused plot – the new deathstar)
(TWIST – what if the Starkiller base is the Alliances and the First Order is trying to destroy it. What if they twist things so the First Order looks good and the Alliance seems bad?)

No matter why, they have a “final” battle on an ice planet that has a cool base on it that looks like the Deathstar.

Poe is back and Finn somehow knows how to use a Lightsaber.
We see Finn fight tropers with electro-staffs that are resistant to lightsabers that have not been used for over 50 years, in the general public. Why would they have these staffs lefts over from General Grevious?

Now a lot of different things can happen here. So here is my best guess.

For some reason Kylo chases down Finn or Finn calls out to Kylo. Kylo lands his ship and chases after Finn in the snow.
During the battle, Kylo takes off his helmet – which is lamb since the bad guys never take off there helmet during battle unless they really need to give exposition – but who does that. (Name a movie where a bad guy took off his helmet?)

Kylo and Finn Fight.

Twist – I bet its Finn that gets taken down, killed or hurt. I bet its Finn's body that Rey is crying over. Yes, it could be anyone but I think that is too soon and way to anticipated. Finn would actually be the most “shocking”. Han is way to important and makes way to much money for the franchies. Leia could go but it would have to be really dramatic!

Now how does it go after that….

Either Kylo feels victorious and just leaves Finn to die in the snow only to be found by Luke. I bet Luke finally shows up to save Finn and take him home.

Or – the StarKiller base is “blown up” or “self destructs” and everyone gets off of it fast – The fight is interrupted by this alert and they have to scatter.

Or – in a fit of rage, Rey beats up Kylo with Lightsaber resistant staff or with lightsaber.

Or – Leia, Han or Chewie come to the rescue. Grab Finn and Rey and they blast out of there.

Big ending – Everyone assumes Finn is dead and they run for it.
After the credits Luke comes and picks up Finn like the Emperor picked up Anakin – and so it begins.

We are the Force.

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