Jedi Compass: Which Charity?

Poll: Which Charity?

2 40%
UN Refugee Agency
No votes 0%
World Vision
1 20%
World Food Programme
No votes 0%
Direct Relief
2 40%
Total number of voters: 5 ( Connor, Kol Drake, Setanaoko, Alegolas, Johannes (Yoshio) )
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Setanaoko created the topic: Jedi Compass: Which Charity?

Hey there! I’m sending this message out to everyone as I draw near the publishing phase of the Jedi Compass. The following is a list of charities that I’ve narrowed down for the book to donate to. They are all charities that serve the international community (the way I see it, the Jedi Community is spread across the world, why limit our ability to help others with this book to just one country?). Please look at the list, look into the organizations and pick up one. :) At the end of the poll the charity with the most votes will be the receiver of any profits generated by the Jedi Compass. The poll shuts down at the end of the week (this Friday).

UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) ( )

World Food Programme ( )

Direct Relief ( )

World Vision ( )


Also, you can still submit a piece for the book. We actually have a lack of articles in the following areas:


I’ll also need these by the end of week. And if you have any pictures that relate to one of the concepts listed in the Jedi Compass, feel free to send them to me. :) I’ve got pictures, so far, in Aggression and Exterior- but no where else. :) Let me know if you’d like a list of the other areas in the Compass if you’re looking to include a picture. :)

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Kol Drake replied the topic: Jedi Compass: Which Charity?

Objectivity / Subjectivity

The Merrian-Webster Dictionary online lists one of the definitions for Objective as:
* expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations <an objective history of the war> <an objective judgment>

Tapping that same source, Subjective has many more possible meanings and here I have to grab two to explain the ‘opposing stance’ to Objective:

* relating to or being experience or knowledge as conditioned by personal mental characteristics or states

* to a particular individual <subjective judgments> modified or affected by personal views, experience, or background <a subjective account of the incident>

In most forums addressing an analysis of the creeds and codes, one might come away thinking, "A Jedi should be Objective in all their dealings with others". Some might read that as acting ‘detached from emotion or emotional intent’. One could also argue if we face life objectively, we do not think or feel in the moment because we revert to our stored data to deal with our lives. We would be acting as computers programmed to operate functionally and efficiently. Of course, as time goes on, we gain new information and so we update our hard drive and software. With this model, we are not much different than a computer.

Herein, I play a bit of devil's advocate (Sith's advocate?) and venture to suggest that being subjective in our dealings with the outside world might be as important as holding to an 'objective calm'. The subjective self is what gives us our human qualities and capacities; not our physical body or the outside forces that serve as our computer programmers.

“Outside forces that serve to program us” – Consider, we swim in an overload of ‘input’ from 24 hour transmitted opinion claiming it is ‘just reporting the fair and balanced truth’, innumerable 24/7 twitter feeds describing every moment of the day. Many people today seem to rely upon pop culture,the latest YouTube feeds, Twitter, or Facebook to make decisions in their life. By relying upon these external forces, people are not utilizing their own subjective experience, potentially becoming detached from their own wants and desires and, instead, being hypnotized into following the mass market consensus of ‘what and how you should be and behave’.

“The unexamined life is not worth living”
– Socrates

If we do not take the time to explore our values, feeling, beliefs, and emotions, the direction of existence will be molded and shaped by the external world alone. When we busy ourselves with work, with social media, and with continual activity to avoid confronting who and what we are, there is a strong likelihood that we will be living a dissatisfied existence. Apathy develops because of the absence of subjective awareness. Subjectivity has the ability to unlock doors and expose the depth of one’s being.

It takes time to cultivate the Self, but that process must start somewhere. Growing up, becoming the Jedi decision maker in regards to your lives, requires the development of a reasonably stable set of definitions of who and what you are and what the world is. While we gain input from many sources such as parents, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers, and the media, each of us alone weaves our own unique design for existence. The subjective self must illuminate in response to the challenges reality presents on a daily basis. The answer for ‘daily living’ is in each of us.

The subjectivity of each of us is the seedling of our uniqueness and individuality. Jedi are not clones. Jedi are not programmed to act and react identically in each situation. Nor are we all Vulcan-like in our ability to be totally and utterly objective when asked to judge or react to a situation. Objectivity alone is not always ideal. The lack of subjective awareness can cause an inability to see the possibility of choice. Choice comes from being aware of the possibilities that exist when responsibility is taken for the direction our lives are taking. There is no doubt that environment and observed behaviors can contribute to our worldview. However, we have the power either to accept or reject what we see. We may not be able to control our circumstance, but we can control how we respond to it.

We, as Jedi, are all trying to make sense of the world in a new way. This can lead to confusion. However, it seems many are looking for external answers to what is an internal process. If we listen to the Force, different options will manifest. This can be tough. As a generalization, we were all never taught to listen to our Self – to be guided by our inner voice. Instead, we were all told (repeatedly) to listen to parents (your own and others), teachers, organization leaders (scouts, etc.), professors, bosses, the church, the government, science, faux news, etc. Almost any outer source of instruction in how to live your life. We are lucky to have any individuality at all after 20 plus years of that kind of ‘molding’, let alone being able to then ‘turn inward’ to examine Self comfortably.

Actively communicating feelings is important, but not as important as knowing that a subjective self has the potential to exist. Taking direction from the inner voice can summon new ideas and possibilities. We are most alive when we are open to all the many facets of our inner desires, emotions, the flow of ideas, body sensations, relationships, reasoning, forethought, concern for others, sense of our values, and all else within us.

There is emotion; yet you can still have peace
- me :)

We must work to integrate all the aspects of our being so that we can live a more fruitful existence which is grounded in authenticity. We must be centered in our experiencing. Taking the objective stance while still keeping the subjective avenues open or we risk being so insular to the world and people that we can no longer relate to anyone or thing at all.

Identity based on what we have done, how we are viewed, what others think of us, is past-bound identity. It can lead to staleness and repetitiousness in living. Heck, trying to conform to 'labels' assigned by others is a sure way to doubting self (and Self) and downright depressing when you are shoved into a square hole when you have such multi-sided potential. Embracing Self (and the Force) allows one to be alive in the moment and free to change and evolve with the flow of our lives and Life. Thus, the more awareness, the more consciousness we have. The more we are conscious, the more we are living authentically. The more authentically we live, the more vitality we have. The more we are in tune with the Force.


Totally not how I had intended this 'soapbox' to go and probably way off topic from the basic 'objectivity vs subjectivity' I had originally intended. Apologies if this takes things off the rail.

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Setanaoko replied the topic: Jedi Compass: Which Charity?

No, no, it's great!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH KOL!!!! ^^
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Alegolas replied the topic: Jedi Compass: Which Charity?

I am rather sensitive when it comes to kids. I believe that each hungry child is a crack in our global civilisation. So I vote for UNICEF.

Sole Jedi of Aenus Order
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Setanaoko replied the topic: Jedi Compass: Which Charity?

We've had an overwhelming response for UNICEF, so I'm going to direct the funds to UNICEF. Hopefully in 10 years time we will have a good charity program within the Jedi Community and if someone decides to make it a tradition to collect writings across the community for a book (the first one was done in 2005- the Great Jedi Holocron, I made 2015 my goal because it was exactly 10 years after that ;) ) perhaps we can put the money into that community fund and fuel the Jedi Path. ;)

Thank you to everyone that has helped with this project. You all have been great, and I can't wait for the time I can post where you can see the fruits of our community's labor. ^^
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