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Welcome to the IJRS

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Notice: Registration has been fixed! If you try to register and have problems, send Jax an email (jax@instituteforjedirealiststudies.org) with the details. Thank you.

Perhaps you first felt that draw when you watched Star Wars the first time. Perhaps you have been searching for greater purpose in your life, which you then recognized in the Jedi of Star Wars. Or perhaps you aren't a big Star Wars fan at all, but find the Jedi to be an example of how to be a better person. Whatever reason you have been drawn to this path, we welcome you to the Institute for Jedi Realist Studies.

We are proud to carry on a legacy of more than 10 years as we continue preparing Jedi to transform our society into a more peaceful and just world. Since our beginning, the Institute has helped to advance the Jedi Realist movement through education, research, and public engagement.

The mission of the Institute is to provide a breadth of programs and maximize the sharing of knowledge and resources so that its students have the skills and understanding necessary to impact the world as Jedi. 

The Institute finds its roots in the Academy at JEDI.org  We sought to provide quality education that would appeal to multiple learning styles. In an endeavor for greater unity and cooperation, the Academy sought to partner with other organizations – Affliates – that shared this drive for academic excellence. Through this continual evolution, the Institute for Jedi Realist Studies was born. We continually strive to offer a comprehensive training program as well as advance the Jedi path.

The Institute encompasses multiple areas to meet the needs of Jedi at different places on their path.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in the discussion forum.  The forum includes training journals, where members document their path, lessons that go beyond the Academy courses, and discussions on all aspects of the path. Everyone is encouraged to participate at their level of comfort.

For those looking for structured training, the Academy offers self-paced workbooks on various topics important to the Jedi. Assignments are posted in classroom areas which allows for greater interaction between students and instructors. More information about the Academy, including current courses, can be found on the forum or the Training menu.

If you have any questions or comments, please use the contact us menu or ask on the forum.